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We are focused on building and sharing knowledge about the
causes, nature, and consequences of socio-economic inequality.



Iceland rooftops

Spotlight on Data

The Stone Center is proud to house the US Office of LIS, the renowned cross-national data center based in Luxembourg. LIS serves an international community of researchers, educators, and policy-makers interested in quantitative research. The LIS archive includes two primary databases, the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) Database, which focuses on income, and the smaller Luxembourg Wealth Study (LWS) Database, which focuses on wealth. 

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Inequality, Crisis, and the Possibility of Change

In this interview, Branko Milanovic discusses recent political instability, trends in policy on inequality, and a way to break the 1 percent’s “quasi-automatic” increasing share of capital.

Miles Corak

Spotlight on Scholars

Miles Corak is a Stone Center Senior Scholar and his research focuses on social mobility, inequality, and child rights. His findings documenting that higher inequality is associated with lower economic opportunity have been widely cited, and used by policy-makers worldwide. Top print and electronic media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Economist, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and the BBC have all used Professor Corak’s research on “The Great Gatsby Curve”, as has The White House.

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