David Brady is a professor in the School of Public Policy and director of the Blum Initiative on Global and Regional Poverty at the University of California, Riverside. At UCR, he teaches classes on poverty, public policy analysis, and statistics. Before joining UCR, he was the director of the inequality and social policy department at the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, where he remains a fellow. He is the author of Rich Democracies, Poor People (2009, Oxford University Press). He is presently is studying deep and extreme poverty (with Zach Parolin), and the risks of child poverty in the U.S. (with Regina Baker and Ryan Finnigan). He also studies: (1) the political consequences, especially for egalitarian social policies, of rising immigration and ethnic heterogeneity, and (2) the measurement of very long term economic resources, and how those long term economic resources affect racial and health inequalities.

Areas of Expertise

Political Consequences of Rising Immigration and Ethnic Heterogeneity

Measurement of Long-Term Economic Resources

Affects of Long-Term Economic Resources on Racial and Health Inequalities