Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology
Yale University

Jennifer Richeson’s research examines multiple psychological phenomena related to cultural diversity. Her work generally concerns the ways in which sociocultural group memberships such as race, gender, and socio-economic status impact the way people think, feel, and behave, especially during interactions with members of different sociocultural groups. Her current research is largely focused on dynamics and consequences of increasing racial, ethnic, and other forms of cultural diversity, most notably the rising racial/ethnic diversity of the nation. She and her students are also interested in how people reason about different forms of inequality and the implications of such processes for detecting and confronting it. Further, Richeson and her students examine multiple consequences of managing the threats associated with being exposed to discrimination and intergroup inequality. Through her teaching and research, Richeson hopes to contribute to a better understanding of intergroup relations, including how best to foster culturally diverse environments that are cohesive.

Areas of Expertise

Dynamics and Consequences of Increasing Racial, Ethnic, and Other Forms of Cultural Diversity