Professor of Global Governance
Australian National University

Anthea Roberts is a professor at the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) who specializes in public international law, international economic law, comparative international law, geoeconomics, and narrative economics. Prior to joining the ANU, Roberts taught at the London School of Economics, Columbia Law School, and Harvard Law School. She is currently a visiting professor at the Graduate Institute/University of Geneva.

Roberts is currently working on a book with Professor Nicolas Lamp about economic narratives about winners and losers in an age of economic globalization (2021 HUP). This book examines different narratives that have developed about economic globalization in light of increased inequality within states and increased equality among states (as evidenced by Branko Milanovic’s elephant graph), including narratives based on populism, protectionism, geoeconomics, corporate power, and sustainability.

Her last book, Is International Law International? (2017 OUP), won numerous prizes, including the American Society of International Law’s Certificate of Merit for Preeminent Contribution to Creative Scholarship, and was Oxford University Press’s top-selling law monograph worldwide in 2017-2018. Roberts has twice been awarded the Francis Deák Prize by the American Society of International Law for the best article published in the American Journal of International Law by a scholar under 40 years of age.

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of Expertise

Public International Law

International Trade and Investment Law

Comparative International Law

Geoeconomics and Narrative Economics