Paul Segal is a senior lecturer in economics at the Department of International Development, King’s College London, and a visiting fellow at the International Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics. He studied economics at Nuffield College, Oxford, and has held positions at Harvard University, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, the University of Sussex, and the United Nations Development Programme, New York.

Segal is an economist of inequality, development, and history, and has worked on new approaches to teaching macroeconomics and international finance as a co-author of the new online textbook CORE: The Economy. His research focuses on inequality from a variety of angles. He pioneered the use of the new top incomes data in analyzing the global distribution of income, using them to study both global inequality and the global elite. He is currently working on the long-run causes of inequality within developing countries, and new interdisciplinary approaches to economic inequality that combine insights from economics, sociology, and political philosophy.

Areas of Expertise

Economic Inequality

Income Distribution

Socio-Economic Inequality

Economic Development

Economic History

International Finance


Natural Resources